Saturday, April 09, 2005

reflections on bad days

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i had a "boo hoo" type of day yesterday ... it snuck up on me unexpectantly ... i thought i had been fortifying my spirit with all the right ingredients ... reading, praying, singing songs in my heart ... hear that buzzer?? ... naaauuurrrrr ... sometimes the emotional tide comes along and tries to smash me to smithereens on the rocks of care ...

sure leo has had a super bad week, but we've been through these times before ... many times ...

i think a proud spirit invades my heart ... what it tells me is: "i can do this, i will be the rock (wrong right there, Jesus is the rock) ... i will, i will, i will ... well it turned into an "i won't and didn't and couldn't" ... sigh ... splat ...

more prayer and confession ... then the Lord opens His arms of comfort ...

pilgrim scribblings i found this song:

It's Just Another Red Sea
Gold City (Southern Gospel)

Well let me tell you 'bout a story, the prophet Daniel told
How three Hebrew boys wouldn't bow to the king's image of gold;
Well he threw them in the fire, but the Lord was there too
And he delivered them the same way
He'll deliver you.

It's just another Red Sea
That the Lord will walk you through;
It's just another giant
Like the one that David slew.
Well it's just another battle
An opportunity, for you to claim the victory;
Don't worry when the water looks deep
It's just another red sea.

So you say you've got a problem,feelin' helpless and afraid
Another dead-end situation, with no hope for your escape;
Just remember when it looks like you have faced your final hour
God sees it as another chance to move and prove His power.

* * * * * * * * *

my flesh might fail, my spirits may droop ... and i face a Red Sea before me ...
i've discovered that i can't get across on my own strength or even Godly efforts ...
that job belongs to the Lord ...
so maybe i will just let Him be my Father, and me be the Child ...
i will rest in His strength ... my own is not enough.

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