Friday, April 15, 2005

tuckered out

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i’ve been using different muscles these past few days ... not the shoveling snow, carrying wood muscles ... but the squatting, while trimming the round sidewalk stone muscles ... now i am all stiff, walking around like the middle aged woman i actually am ... groan ... i’m supposed to be going to work on Monday!!! but will i make it out the door ... ? ... *smiling*

this got me to thinking about my spiritual muscles ... this winter there has been a learning spurt, a desire to walk more in the way that Jesus taught ... i feel a growth of my faith muscles ... but i’ve only tested them here at home and definitely only a few of the muscle groups! ... NOW that i will be venturing out into the world again, there will be new areas to work those faith biceps ... leaving my comfort zone and known victories ... stretching and venturing into a larger arena ...

my desire is to be a believer who is using my ALL ... that is my prayer ...

i’ll keep you posted on how it goes ... but for tonight, i think i will just go to bed early!

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