Wednesday, May 18, 2005

everyone should have a Sunday

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"Teach me good judgement and knowledge; for I have believed Thy commandments" ...
Psalm 119: 66

what i learned from yesterday’s down time, was that everyone needs a Sunday ... today i had mine ... i tend to forget about having a day of "rest" when i’m working ... especially working the weekends ... Sunday has a special feel to it, even at work ... so on the week days i tend to forget that i need some time to re-charge my batteries ... i even feel guilty for taking that time ... the old protestant work ethic kicks in, and some place in my head calls me lazy for sitting and reading ...

but i resolved to have a day when my list includes things that i find restful, that i truly enjoy ... i had my Sunday on Wednesday and tomorrow is my Monday ... how's that for trying to confuse the issue! *smile*

i feel rested tonight ... thank you for the encouragement and prayers ... they helped a whole bunch! blessings all around!

Eyes of faith see God at work in everything.

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