Wednesday, May 25, 2005

working day of rest

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i had a "working Sunday" today! i know, i said i would have a day of rest at least once a week ... sigh ... but it was a pleasant, half-a-rest, kind of day!

i happily washed the car (of course i grappled with the hose and got my clothes a bit wet!) ... enjoyed strolling through the grocery store ... then had coffee with my aunt and uncle, thanking God for about the thousandth time that they lived close to me ...

and what really helped to lay those antsy type of feelings inside me to rest, was spending time in the yard ... hands in the dirt ... pulling weeds ... planting some perennials ... chatting with the neighbours (they said the bear wrecked their bird feeder the other night) ... simple things are soooo soothing!

the icing on today’s cake was an invitation that
Bekah sent me to her grad and open house! i was thrilled to bits, and wished i had time for a road trip ...

so tonight i am feeling more comfortable ... i’ve mentioned a few times during blogging that my life is either stop or go ... it’s either peacefully serene or hectic with no time to stop and smell the roses ... today, i did my best to keep to the "Sunday" plan!

God did not create hurry ... Finnish saying

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