Monday, May 23, 2005

home time

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i just thought this little guy was cute ... so had to put him on my blog in the hopes of bringing cheer to those of you who drop by ... *smile* ...

i'm not this chipper or full of energy at the moment! it was a busy 5 days in the park (this was Victoria Day in Canada and a long weekend) ... at the moment, i have visions of a soft pillow, my head on it, snoring lightly! the bible says the Lord gives His servants rest ... that is a good thing ... but i wanted to post just a little note before heading off to slumberland ... it seems my day isn't complete if i can't send out a greeting ...

nothing profound, nothing deep to share, just my joy in knowing that i have found friends in blogland who lift my spirits, bring me cheer and encourage me along the way ... Blessings to you!

To face life's changes,
look to the unchanging God.

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