Monday, May 16, 2005


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we have squatters under our front deck ... mr. & mrs. rabbit and the young 'uns! yup! just making themselves at home ... Leo was cutting the grass today and said he had to dodge the little bunnies that were hopping around, probably yelling "oh no, it's a big red monster, run!"

i guess we have really not been enjoying our yard very much this spring ... not if a family of skittish rabbits decide it is a quiet place to set up housekeeping ... sheesh, eh! they may be rabbit stew, if the neighbours catch them eating their garden ... so hopefully they will move on before that happens!

it is "friday" night for me ... i know - it is monday on the calendar, but friday on my work schedule! soooooooo ... off i go to do the busy "weekend" things us women do ... thanking my Father in Heaven who gives His children rest, as well ...

may you find encouragement in God's everyday blessings in your week ahead ...

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