Wednesday, November 16, 2005

weather up-date

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here's the morning after the storm - from our front deck ... it is a chilly -21C (5 below F) ... the city got a foot of snow ... and we did too ... the neighbour plowed our driveway out, but the road is not done - so no milk today - i will be quite happy if i get the steps shovelled out and the sidewalk to the car ... it looks lovely - but you need muscles to live here!

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this was our backyard yesterday ... yes it is lovely to look at ... from a distance!

after wallowing in self pity yesterday (i wasn't going to type that, but lets be truthful - i was a weenie!), i don't want to waste another day in it! ... so, i will do some stretching ... then head out to shovel and enjoy the brisk fresh air ...

thanks for cheering me on with your comments! i so appreciated it!


blogger comments has been turned on (haloscan is there as well, but it has been finicky lately!) ... and would you believe -29C this morning!

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