Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Great Compromise

we finished Joseph Stowell's The Weight of your Words, a month ago ... that was an eye opening book for me - and convicted my little ole mouth ... i picked the book because i thought Leo "needed" it - the Lord had the last laugh (doesn't He always ... *smile* ) about my naive assumptions!

we are now about mid way through Greg Laurie's
The Great Compromise ... it is a terrific, thought provoking book ... it reminds the reader that we cannot have a foot in both worlds ...

Quotes from The Great Compromise:

"... I know that the closer I stay to the Lord, the safer I am. I know that when I stay close to the Lord, I am not fighting for victory: I am fighting from it. In other words, I am standing on the finished work of Calvary, relying on the work that Jesus did on the cross to defeat sin and the devil ... " page 39

"Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." (Matt.6:33). The phrase "seek first" means to seek principally - above all things - the rule and reign of Christ in one's life. That will keep everything else in the proper balance ... page 79

So many people appear to be living for only the pursuit of pleasure. The Bible, in fact, lists this as one of the distinguishing signs of the days immediately prior to the promised return of Christ. Of this Epicurean mindset, the Bible says, "In the last days ... men will be lovers of ... pleasure rather than lovers of God" (2 Tim. 3:1-2,4). page 81


we read a Greg Laurie book
last year called Breakfast with Jesus ... he writes in a timely fashion, leaning heavily on the word of God ... if you are starting to look for good books to put in someones stocking - i would definitely recommend anything by Greg Laurie ...


Maggie Ann said...

Hi Saija...your post is a blessing, lots of truth in it. I did join photobucket but did you notice that with the post of the flower pic that it sort of threw the blog to the left and there is a 1/2 inch empty place on the right? I was impressed with the pic quality but maybe my original size pic is too large. Any thoughts on this?.... and.. I want to wish you and Leo a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Saija said...

hey there Maggie Ann ... i sent you an e-mail on this ... i think it is because of the size of the pic ... though it only overlapped a wee bit and didn't disturb anything else ... it looked lovely ... :)