Sunday, December 11, 2005

it's beginning to FEEL like Christmas

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in our bah humbug world of arguing over everything spiritual ... the meaning and the feel of Christmas can get lost ... i was struggling to get on board that yuletide train ...

well folks, the train pulled into the station today! it's snowing, rather gloomy out - yet i feel the beginning of that warm Christmas rush starting to take hold of my heart ... it must have been the Christmas carols i was playing today ... i just felt happy ... so GLAD that we do have a cause for celebration ... so glad that God gave us a Saviour, His Son Jesus ...

here is one of the songs i was listening to ... hope it blesses your heart too!

One Small Child
by David Meece

One small child in a land of a thousand
One small dream of a savior tonight
One small hand reaching out to the starlight
One small savior of love
One small savior of love

One king bringing his gold and his riches
One king ruling an army of might
One king kneelingWith incense and candlelight
One king bringing us life
One king bringing us life

See the shepherds kneeling before him
See the kings on bended knee
See the mother praising the Father
See his tiny eyelids fall

One small child in a land of a thousand
One small dream of a savior tonight
One small hand reaching out to the starlight
One small savior of life
One small savior of life


Shelley said...

Hmm, I don't think I know that song. Two of my favourite Christmas carols are "O Holy Night" and "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel". For the life of me, I couln't remember the name of "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel", other than the Emmanuel part lol. I did a google search and found words to the song and discovered there are several more stanzas that I didn't know about...way cool!

Mrs. Diamond said...

i finally felt it today too. for me it was when Pastor said, "it doesn't matter if you don't get any gifts this Christmas, or if you don't have any family nearby...if you can see a tiny baby in a manger than you can have a merry Christmas"

It brought tears to my eyes, cuz it hit me at that moment....THAT's what it is all about.

Elizabeth said...

Some of the carols are very good and some really ought to be sung year around because they tell THE STORY...the most important one of all.

Part of what brought more joy back into my life was learning of and beginning to try to keep and practice, so much as possible, the Feasts of the Lord...there are several good books out there on how to do that. All of them speak of the Messiah and teach something about Him! Really helps keep our focus on Him even more so.

Blessings...we miss the snow here...we get a skiff or a few inches a year...but mostly just ice...and that I DO NOT look forward to...especially not on these roads they make almost as slick as an ice skating rink anyway!

Saija said...

shelley ... i love to do searches for songs too and see what the words really are! ... the song i posted is something that i fell in love with about a decade ago - and it really helps me see "the gift" of a Saviour ... i love your 2 Christmas carols as well ... blessings on your monday!

mrsd ... you're blessed in that you still have kids living at home who's eyes you can SEE Christmas through ... i used to get way more excited when my sisters were little ... because everything about Christmas was so special to them! i think that chilldren can SEE through such innocent eyes, the marvellous gift of God's love ... :o)

elizabeth ... yes, i agree - carols should be sung all year round! we need to remember that Jesus did leave a heavenly, marvellous, spectacular, beautiful home to first start his life in a lowly manger and end it on the cross ... in my human, saved-sinner, body - i cannot fully understand that kind of love - one day i'm sure God will reveal it to us as we walk those streets of gold ... blessings backatcha (it is still snowing here!)

Maggie Ann said...

I don't know that song, but I enjoyed reading the words. I enjoyed your Christmas train thoughts! I hope I don't fall off the train after my daughter flys back home...kidding...sort of! I love the celebration of the heart at this most special time of the year. Christ the Saviour is think we can have this JOY every day of our lives...lets go for it!!

Saija said...

maggie ann ... well i wish i could mail you that song ... it is lovely .... :o) ... and i so agree, if we could keep our thankful hearts all the time - that would be heavenly! (hugs)

Fred said...

Snow and gloom bring out the spirit? :)

Well, it did get down to 45F this morning; so I guess we're ready, too.

Saija said...

fred ... *laughing* ... i know, i'm weird!

Darlene said...

I'm feeling it too. We had our first Christmas celebration this past Saturday at my mother in laws. I had a great time. Enjoy the season.

Saija said...

darlene ... at least it is mild out there ... :o) ... i'm glad that Spirit has got a hold of you too!

Linda said...

Hi Saija!

So happy that you are feeling some of that Christmas joy. :-)

I am, too, because I got a very special postcard in the mail from a favorite blog Sistah! :-)


Saija said...

linda ... wish i coulda sent you some snow for the kids to enjoy! ((backatcha))!!