Friday, December 07, 2007


Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity. ~Voltaire


Debra said...

Good point! But I still say I wish He'd have made junk food to have the *least* amount of calories and fat. heh. Thanks for your comments at my blog! I always appreciate them so much. Blessings, Debra

daisymarie said...

yes! And Christmas cookies are just some of the best!!!

Mari said...

I'm glad He made it a pleasure! I'm afraid though, that it is too much of a pleasure for me!

Pat said...

It's not the eating that is tiresome, it's the preparation! The worst part of baking for me is the clean up...flour, flour everywhere!

Daughter of the King said...

yummmm......with a hot cuppa..mmmm sounds good to me.

Mimi said...

If I didn't have to prepare it the eating would be sooo much more fun!!

Saija said...

debra ... i hope the rental hunting is going along well!

tina ... i love Christmas cookies too! minus calories would be a good gift on that!

mari ... i hear you ... this year i might not even make any sugar cream pies because of the calories leo has to fight with ... :o(

pat ... are you the "i love lucy" type of cook? i am!

deby ... yes, hot choco does it for me!

mimi ... amen!

Terry said...

I can't bake Saija..
Did you make these little people?
I am one mean cook though.
Last week I made Dad and Mom a pot of beans from some pork that they had left over and Saturday, I made Bernie a big container of chili con carnie..He will be eating it all week for his lunch at work!

Amrita said...

oh yes Saija, very true. I like cooking too.