Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Thy Strength and My Day

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Thy Strength and My Day

"Give me Thy strength for my day, Lord,
That whersoe'er I go,
There shall no danger daunt me
And I shall fear no foe;
So shall no task o'ercome me,
So shall no trial fret,
So shall I walk unwearied
The path where my feet are set;
So shall I find no burden
Greater than I can bear,
So shall I have a courage
Equal to all my care;
So shall no grief o'erwhelm me,
So shall no wave o'erflow;
Give me Thy strength for my day, Lord,
Cover my weakness so."

Annie Johnson Flint (copied off of
David's blog)

i've had a good nights sleep ... started my day off by visiting blogs that bless my heart and get my mind going in the "right direction" ... and now i am almost awake enough to have my own devotions .... so why am i blogging and inflicting you, my dear blog buds, with a slightly groggy mind? hmmmm, good question ... i will have to get back to you on that one! *smile*

actually i am excited about the way the Lord has started leading our little wagon train of two ... i have shared (i think i have? in my mind i've blogged about it!) about our cottage starting to be too much for Leo and i to keep up, without solely living for a piece of real estate which we will leave behind when called to glory anyway! ... but we didn't know what town we would like to move to ...

now we have a direction ... a place to look for available real estate ... it is exciting ... even my "stress" cold sore has gone down because this is the GOOD kind of excitement ...

the little cottage we live in now is lovely ... but i have to believe that where God leads us next, will be even lovelier ... and not only do i have to believe it ... I DO BELIEVE IT ...

now i must go do some of the outdoor chores that this day requires of me ... oh, and the picture posted above, i took it last night when our incredibly kind neighbours came to fix our floating dock and put it into the water ... this was the before picture ...

i think i may just be babbling here .... forgive me ... *smile* ...

Monday, May 30, 2005

open mike night

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i hope you can see the captions on this picture ... i chuckled to myself when i found it ...

there is "stuff" to blog about, but since i am sitting here, almost nodding off ... i think i should go indulge in some shut-eye ... remember - it's my friday!

have a wonderful rest of the week ... hope you enjoy Open Mike Night!!!!

Memorial day and cold sores

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Happy Memorial Day to my buds from the U.S. ... hope your day is filled with family, friends and picnics ... :o)

i'm in a hurry, as usual, on these work days ... my poor sweetie had some sort of flu yesterday ... fever with usual other symptoms ... so i felt bad as i walked out the door to leave him to fend for himself ... now i have a cold sore to show for my concern! sigh ... i prayed all the way to work (30 minute car rides are GOOD for that!) ... and he did start feeling better by early afternoon ...

even if all i we can do is pray for one another ... that is the BEST thing we can do ... God's strength is best seen in our weakness ...

the sun is shining, it's another beautiful day the Lord has made ... BLESSINGS on whoever may pass by my blogworld!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

"The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything;
they just make the best of everything that comes along their way."
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Saturday, May 28, 2005

blessings to you

blessing Posted by Hello
Like refreshing rain in summer
Or the gentle breeze in spring,
Just a little gift of kindness
Joy to someone's heart can bring.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

work work work

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back to work tomorrow ... while you all are enjoying your weekend, or even long weekend ... i shall be dutifully and diligently toiling away in anonymity in the park ...


i don't mind, i mostly enjoy my work - and would you believe - i love working weekends ... the major reason is that on my days off, the neighbourhood is quiet (except for a bear or two) and the stores aren't as crowded ... super, huh?!!

speaking of stores ... Leo came along with me to the city today ... we did "walmart" together ... it was great to have him along ... but, it was also sad to have him along ... his arachnoiditis is really kicking into a different phase ... he got so tuckered out with our short walk in the store ... at least he was able to use the shopping cart to lean on ... that helped ...

after evaluating my own symptoms of the last 3 days, i think i was suffering from plain old stress ... i must be more worried about Leo's health then i even realize ... it manifested itself into my shortness of breath and anxious feeling ...

yes, i know ... time to exercise my faith even MORE ...

one of "my verses" ... that i have kept in my heart and pulled out on the tougher days is ... "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you..." Isaiah 43:2 ... a promise of keeping afloat ... no matter what!

work helps me to lay aside my home cares ... working in a park with real down to earth folks, has been such a blessing to me ... i view my job as a gift from God ...

so ... "hi ho, hi ho ... it's off to work i go" ... but first, i need a good sleep ... nite nite from cottage country ...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

working day of rest

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i had a "working Sunday" today! i know, i said i would have a day of rest at least once a week ... sigh ... but it was a pleasant, half-a-rest, kind of day!

i happily washed the car (of course i grappled with the hose and got my clothes a bit wet!) ... enjoyed strolling through the grocery store ... then had coffee with my aunt and uncle, thanking God for about the thousandth time that they lived close to me ...

and what really helped to lay those antsy type of feelings inside me to rest, was spending time in the yard ... hands in the dirt ... pulling weeds ... planting some perennials ... chatting with the neighbours (they said the bear wrecked their bird feeder the other night) ... simple things are soooo soothing!

the icing on today’s cake was an invitation that
Bekah sent me to her grad and open house! i was thrilled to bits, and wished i had time for a road trip ...

so tonight i am feeling more comfortable ... i’ve mentioned a few times during blogging that my life is either stop or go ... it’s either peacefully serene or hectic with no time to stop and smell the roses ... today, i did my best to keep to the "Sunday" plan!

God did not create hurry ... Finnish saying

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

nature all around

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"I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify Him with thanksgiving." Psalm 69:30

i went out this afternoon, to take pictures of the crab apple trees that are flowering in our yard ... the plum trees are blossoming too ... the whole yard is filled with delicate budding blooms and the sweet aroma of full blown springtime in Manitoba ... it was lovely and peaceful ...

then i wandered into the backyard, near the water, and almost stepped into 5 pounds of bear poop! no kidding ... it was a good shovel full ... definite contrast to what i had been photographing and enjoying minutes earlier ... i nervously looked around, but of course Mr. Bruin had long gone ... only leaving his calling card behind!

my spiritual life seems to be in the same shape as the yard ... i can see God's handiwork all around me ... i praise Him for the blessings in my life and for the gift of His Son, who i have known as my Lord and Saviour for many years ... yet today i had stress feelings for no reason at all ... everything was absolutely fine within and without - that i could see anyway ... yet i had a shortness of breath and nervousness ... hmmmmm ... i know that living with someone in chronic pain IS stressful, and i am used to it ... so why this anxiety? ... like a bear prowling around when no one is looking ...

i don't know if this is a good feeling or a bad one? ... God does know ... i have prayed about it, and left it with Him ... only little bits of anxious excitement remain ... over what, i don't know!

maybe this post doesn't quite make sense ... i just thought i'd put it down for the record ... and see what comes of it ...

tomorrow i will go out and see if Mr. Bruin was passing by again - tho' i do wish he would leave his calling card somewhere else!

Monday, May 23, 2005

home time

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i just thought this little guy was cute ... so had to put him on my blog in the hopes of bringing cheer to those of you who drop by ... *smile* ...

i'm not this chipper or full of energy at the moment! it was a busy 5 days in the park (this was Victoria Day in Canada and a long weekend) ... at the moment, i have visions of a soft pillow, my head on it, snoring lightly! the bible says the Lord gives His servants rest ... that is a good thing ... but i wanted to post just a little note before heading off to slumberland ... it seems my day isn't complete if i can't send out a greeting ...

nothing profound, nothing deep to share, just my joy in knowing that i have found friends in blogland who lift my spirits, bring me cheer and encourage me along the way ... Blessings to you!

To face life's changes,
look to the unchanging God.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

thankful heart

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A good attitude toward life,
begins with gratitude toward God.
RBC devotional

Don't forget to have a day of rest ... if you can have your Sunday on a Sunday, that is bonus! ... i will wait until Wednesday again to have my day of rest, but i resolve to take one! for today, it is hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work i go ... Lord bless all those who stop by! Posted by Hello

Friday, May 20, 2005

peacefulness of acceptance

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"Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for i have put my trust in you. Show me the way i should go, for to you I lift up my soul." psalm selections.

with acceptance, comes peace ...

today was another day for the living to go about their business ... isn't that the way of it? work went quickly for me, and Leo had a good home time ... when i got back from the salt mines in the park, we sat outside on the swing ... just watching the wind gently moving the new leaves on the willows ... lovely peace and quiet ... the way every evening should be ...

if the Lord wills, tomorrow is another work day for me ... Leo and our faithful feline will keep the home fires burning ...

speaking of "home fires" ... we were the Canadian hotspot today ... so the woodstove is definitely idle for the season (i hope!) ... that thought is enough to make me quite happy!

blessings on your weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

good-bye kerttu

Kerttu was my father's good friend, neighbour and sweet companion for over 25 years ... i was so happy that he had found someone to share his life with ... he had been alone and living a bachelor's life for many years after he and my mother divorced ...

then along came Kerttu with her positive attitude, infectious laugh and outgoing ways ... she brought stability and comfort to my wayward father's life ... she was the "spoonful of sugar" that he needed to help combat the inner turmoil that bubbled over into bouts of hard drinking ...

they were friends above all else ... they never married ... each kept their own little apartment ... side by side ...

when dad died, Kerttu respectfully gave my brother and i our space ... and we inturn tried to draw her into our circle and honoured her for cherishing our father so completely ...

the e-mail arrived unexpectantly today ... Kerttu's daughter informed me that her mother had passed away this morning ... the tears are finally clouding my eyes as i type this ... i was so surprised at first ... i had to phone my brother right away ... he hadn't heard yet ... sadness covers us ...

we all have to say good-bye to loved ones, here on earth ... my hope is that there will also be a "hello" again ... in heaven ... where Jesus awaits those who have placed their trust in His resurrection ...

so good-bye dear Kerttu ... your journey on earth is done ... and a new one begun ...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

everyone should have a Sunday

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"Teach me good judgement and knowledge; for I have believed Thy commandments" ...
Psalm 119: 66

what i learned from yesterday’s down time, was that everyone needs a Sunday ... today i had mine ... i tend to forget about having a day of "rest" when i’m working ... especially working the weekends ... Sunday has a special feel to it, even at work ... so on the week days i tend to forget that i need some time to re-charge my batteries ... i even feel guilty for taking that time ... the old protestant work ethic kicks in, and some place in my head calls me lazy for sitting and reading ...

but i resolved to have a day when my list includes things that i find restful, that i truly enjoy ... i had my Sunday on Wednesday and tomorrow is my Monday ... how's that for trying to confuse the issue! *smile*

i feel rested tonight ... thank you for the encouragement and prayers ... they helped a whole bunch! blessings all around!

Eyes of faith see God at work in everything.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

unsettled spirit

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"For He Himself knows our frame; He is mindful that we are but dust ... "
Psalm 103: 14

i think there is something in the air ... something disquieting ... i’ve heard it’s echoes in blogs, i’ve read it in e-mail, and spoken with those that are faint-hearted ...

today was my turn to feel unsettled, unhappy and discouraged regarding leo’s health and up-keep of our home ... tiredness probably accounts for some of it ... that and not being able to "see" what’s next on the horizon ...

God sees ... He knows ... in fact, He even shaped that horizon! i want to believe that i am walking in the way i should go ... i want to be full of the type of faith that can move mountains ... or the wisdom to go around the mountain ...

i like Psalm 103 because it reminds me that God knows my frame ... He knows that i am weak (but He is strong) ... and that without Him, i can do nothing ...

i’m glad i’m not in this walk of faith alone ... i think i will just go lean on the everlasting arms, because "the Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer ..." 2 Samuel 2

Monday, May 16, 2005


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we have squatters under our front deck ... mr. & mrs. rabbit and the young 'uns! yup! just making themselves at home ... Leo was cutting the grass today and said he had to dodge the little bunnies that were hopping around, probably yelling "oh no, it's a big red monster, run!"

i guess we have really not been enjoying our yard very much this spring ... not if a family of skittish rabbits decide it is a quiet place to set up housekeeping ... sheesh, eh! they may be rabbit stew, if the neighbours catch them eating their garden ... so hopefully they will move on before that happens!

it is "friday" night for me ... i know - it is monday on the calendar, but friday on my work schedule! soooooooo ... off i go to do the busy "weekend" things us women do ... thanking my Father in Heaven who gives His children rest, as well ...

may you find encouragement in God's everyday blessings in your week ahead ...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

hold life loosely

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God desires that we hold things loosely,
that He might reign without a rival. With no
threats to His throne. With just enough
splinters to our pride to keep our hands
empty and our heart warm.
Charles Swindoll

* * * * * * * * *

how was your weekend? did you have time with family? friends? or was it really busy with chores and stuff?

this first weekend at work went by quickly ... tomorrow, Monday ... is my Friday ... i get my days all jumbled up in the summer ... and time flies ... too quickly at times ...

Friday, May 13, 2005

there is a season ...

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there is a season for everything under heaven ... here in our part of the world, the fishing season opens on Saturday ... and working on the weekends begins for me as well ...

i will meet many happy fishermen, towing their boats, on my trek to the salt mines in the park ... this is the day they have been waiting for all winter ...

this also reminds me of Ecclesiastes 3, where we are told that there is an appointed season for all activity in our lives ... we shouldn't be sad when one season ends and another begins ... it is all part of Gods plan for us ...

Leo used to be an avid fisherman ... the last sport left that he could actually partake in ... he had to leave many other sports on the shelf because of his chronic pain ... he still enjoys going out fishing, but he waits for more comfortable weather and for his body to be feeling "well enough" ...

it looks like another season in our life may be over ... i'm not sad as i type this ... and neither is Leo sad ... it just means that there will be a new season beginning ...

if you read
Ecclesiastes 3, you may see what season you are in ... all seasons are blessed, if Jesus is there with you ...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

as the mind goes ....

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i’ve been a little concerned about Leo’s memory of late ... it seems to have holes in it ... black holes where something goes in, but never come out ... part of the problem of course, could be the meds he is on and the time of day/night i chatter at him ... being the "good wife", i was just telling him today that maybe after the worst of the springtime dampness is over - he should cut down on one of his meds ... that might help with the drowsiness and memory problem ...

after doing the concerned thing (and you know that i truly am that ... ) ... i decided to make chili for supper ... and fresh buns to go with it ... i wanted to feed my poor guy (who really has atrocious eating habits) ...

as the chili was twirling happily on med-low (it’s a microwave recipe), i started to whip up a batch of buns ... after the dry ingredients were all mixed, i realized that i had put in baking soda, instead of the baking powder the recipe called for ...

... sigh ...

i hate to throw stuff out, even 2 cups of flour ... but ... i re-mixed ... THEN as i put the buns into the oven, i noticed the chili powder sitting on the counter ... DUH ... i was making chili without chili powder ....

the very sad thing about this little confession, regarding my own memory, is that the only pill i take is a multi-vitamin ... compared to Leo's list of meds ...

maybe the Lord wants me to cut Leo a little bit of slack ... we’re not perfect ... we do forget ... so i'll just just breath in and breath out ... and chuckle a little at the black hole in my own brain!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

busy city day

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it was another day in the city for me ... it's kind of cool that i have this bit of time off, before really getting into the work routine ... hmmmm, i wonder if i'll get into any routine at all this summer? each year is always so different ...

anyway ... before i left on my little trek (with my aunt coming along for the ride), i posted the song Majesty ! (see below) ... i was humming that as i drove ... i love to get a good uplifting song into my head ... then to just enjoy the lyrics and tune - to let it take me into a peaceful heart and mindset ...

it was a good day of driving ... i only got honked at once, tho' i'm not sure for what - i think i may have been in a turning lane, that i didn't realize was a turning lane, because the lines have faded on the streets - i think? otherwise i have no clue ... i am getting to be such a small town driver .... i should get out more!

it was also a good day of visiting LOTS of family members ... sweet ...

just thought i'd post a "hello" type of blog note ... before getting ready for bed ...

one more day and it's back to the salt mines in the park for me!

hummmming .... Majesty! ....

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


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Majesty! Worship His majesty
Unto Jesus, be glory, honor and praise
Majesty! Kingdom authority
Flows from His throne, unto His own
His anthem raise.

So exalt, lift up on high, the name of Jesus
Magnify, come glorify, Christ Jesus the King
Majesty! Worship His majesty
Jesus who died, now glorified, King of all Kings.
Jack Hayford

and the lights went out ...

i was going to read last night ... Leo was going to watch baseball ... around 6:30 the power went out ... we made a change in plans that went something like this ...

me: let’s plays scrabble ...

Leo: i’m too sore ...

me: aww come on ...

Leo: i’m nauseous too ...

me: pretty please ...

Leo: *big sigh* ... get the board

the power was off for 2 hours ...

we played scrabble for 1 hour and 50 minutes ...

our faithful feline was right there with us ... he tried to lie on top of the board ... he got into the box with the tiles and tried turning them over ... finally he just lay on his back purring, happy to be close to us ...

the score was 300 for me ... 309 for Leo ... well i did have to "let" him win (not really, it was a fair win!) ... after all, the poor guy really wasn’t feeling well, he just wanted to be a good husband ...

sometimes it is nice to have the lights go out ... we then cheerfully opt for the simpler things in life ... and find they were the more pleasurable anyway!

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Monday, May 09, 2005

VTech phones

the World Hockey Championship is being played in Austria ... leo has been watching it religiously (he has missed his hockey, because of the NHL strike that cancelled a whole year out) ... and as well as watching, we have also entered this VTECH contest online (Canadian residents only) ... every time Canada scores a goal, they draw names for VTECH phones ...

remember the
JUNO 2005 hockey tickets i won?

wellllllllll ... drum roll ... i won this set of phones!!!

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it happened during the Saturday game between Canada and Sweden ... Canada had scored their second goal and Leo hollered at me to come see it (we holler back and forth at each other since we are generally in different areas of the house... sometimes at the end of the day - if we’ve been extra chatty - my throat can get sore!) ... i walked into the bedroom munching on my apple, hitched myself up on the foot board and watched the replay ... all of a sudden, i see my name on the TV screen as the winner of the VTECH i5850 phones!!! leo had his eyes closed (he rests his eyes a lot) and didn’t see it, so when i shouted "there's my name! i won!" ... he said "ya right!" ...

the games are telecast on TSN (same as ESPN) across Canada, so i got a few phone calls from surprised friends, congratulating me ...

the sweet little thing about the phones are, they have an intercom system so that Leo and i don’t have to holler back and forth anymore - we can now use modern technology for our chitchats!

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Sunday, May 08, 2005


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It matters not,
If the world has heard ...
Or approves, or understands ...
The only applause
We're meant to seek,
Is that of nail-scarred hands.
B.J. Hoff

Saturday, May 07, 2005

a little about my mom ...

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this picture was taken the day before my mother married my dad ... that is her mother, my mummu, in the picture with her ...

my mom is only 18 years older than i am ... much of the time, i feel like she is my big sister, rather than my mother ... we’ve weathered difficult storms together ... and i’ve watched her weather her share of personal ones as well ... she has been beaten and battered, but she is a survivor ... the energizer bunny that just keeps on going ...

she is a talented
artist ... and a published author of a dozen or so books ... one of them was even made into a play and performed in Toronto ... some of her poetry has been made into hymns ... and she still finds time to write a column for a North American Finnish newspaper ... her writing is all done in Finnish ...

she’s computer literate and submits her newspaper articles via e-mail ... e-mail also happens to be our favourite form of communication ... the written word, with pictures attached!

her writing has not made her rich or famous ... but i would like to think that she has found contentment in doing what she loves to do ... what she needs to do ... that is the way she feels about her writing ... it’s a need ...

she loves the Lord ... she loves her children ...

she is still a story that is being written ...

happy mother’s day, Aiti!

Friday, May 06, 2005

the 1st cut of the season

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there is just something about the smell of fresh mown lawn ... it heralds new birth, hope ... and possibly even summer? ...

today was the 1st cut of the season ... Leo got some energy going this morning and pulled out the riding mower ... he mowed our 3 sections (the front yard, back yard, and "back 40") ... i pulled out the lawn mower and did under the plum trees and sections where the riding mower can’t go ... then i raked a little around the lilac bushes ... it felt wonderful to be outside, doing some regular chores ... shaking off the winter season ... and it felt wonderful to see Leo doing some chores that i had always taken for granted were "his" responsibility ... but all of a sudden, this year, i wondered if he was able to even cut the grass anymore ... well, he showed me! and did a super job ... i am more optimistic this evening ...even tho’ Leo’s not walking very well and resting - he is still happily humming and chatting with me ...

hope is a powerful emotion ... it gets us through the tough times, sad times and even the "scared of the future" times ...

the lawn being cut gave me hope ... it’s the simplest of activities ... yet in certain circumstances where nothing "normal" can be taken for granted anymore ... the mown lawn made me happy and hopeful for the season we are entering ...

"Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord." Psalm 31:24

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Life's Way

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Life's Way

The road is too rough, I said,
It is uphill all the way.
No flowers, but thorns instead;
And the skies overhead are grey.

The cross is too great, I cried,
More than the back can bear;
So rough and heavy and wide.
And nobody to care.

And One stooped softly and touched my hand.
I know, I care, and I understand.

Then why do we fret and sigh?
Cross-bearers all we go.
But the road ends by and by,
in the dearest place we know.
And every step in the journey we
May take in the Lord's own company.

copied from Bekah's Musings

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

wednesday supper

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here i am eating supper tonight ... a yummy ice-cream drumstick! it's GREAT to be an adult ... i don't have to eat my veggies, if i don't want too ... *smile*

and as an adult, i DO KNOW that God's word is way better than even the BEST tasting ice-cream cone ... here are a few excerpts from Psalm 66, as i head off to bed ...

"Say unto God, How awe-inspiring art thou in thy works! ... All the earth shall worship thee .... Come and see the works of God, he is awesome in his doing toward the children of men ... Blessed be God, who hath not turned away my prayer or his mercy from me..."

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

the evening went like a flash!

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confession time ... i watched American Idol and Amazing Race tonight ... needless to say, the evenings go even faster when that happens! i try to squeeze in all the activities i love to do - into just 4 itty bitty hours ... kind of hard! boy, i will be glad that Amazing Race finishes next week and American Idol won't be too far behind!

now for some good news ... thursday will be my "friday" this week ... then i have 7 days off because i am switching to weekend work (normal work days will be friday, saturday, sunday, monday) ... that way the Park Office can be open for folks on the weekend ... i've been such a "good girl" that i get 7 days off ... *smile* ...

now it's almost 10 p.m. and i need atleast 7 hours of sleep ... i'm one of those types that doesn't function well on only a few hours ...

i might be seeing you in my dreams tonight ... really ... last night i had a dream about my car being dented after reading Operation for a Soldier's car problems ...

off to talk to the Lord, as i drift into slumberland ... night night.

Monday, May 02, 2005

a Swindoll quote

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Those people who impact lives stay at the
task with reliable regularity. They seem
unaffected by the fickle winds of change.
They're consistent.
Charles R. Swindoll

Sunday, May 01, 2005


One sweetly solemn thought
comes to me o'er and o'er;
I am nearer home today
Than i ever have been before.
Phoebe Cary

Making yourself at home in God now is a good "getting-ready" for heaven. When we arrive at the house made ready in the heavens, it will be glorious beyond our poor words to say. But we'll feel at home. For that is where we'll be!
Vance Havner, from A Treasury of Vance Havner