Saturday, April 02, 2005

Juno Cup 2005 ... the view through my eyes

How was the Juno Cup you ask? it was awesome ... so much fun! i had a great time ... *big smile*

... and for those of you who prayed for Leo ... thank you so much ... i was able to let go of the "fretting" over my husband, and just enjoy the moment ... Leo is "paying for it" today (when we got home last night, he was white, sweating profusely and bent over - but still smiling as he asked "did you have a good time honey?") ... regardless, we resolved to enjoy ourselves and the moment and we did ...

the weather was perfect as we left our cottage ... i’m the driver - so picture a little person behind the wheel and a big bear of a guy sitting next to her! ... the arena where the Juno Cup was played is an hours drive, and it was great to see the snow receding, water in the ditches and signs of spring everywhere ...

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me and Leo at the arena

we had supper at Macdonald’s ... which was a treat for us (i picked a healthy meal) ... it is quick, with minimal sitting time for Leo ... perfect ...

we met up with our friends ... headed to the arena ... and the excitement of the Juno Cup!

our seats couldn’t have been better ... even though it was the second row, there was no first row in front ... only a space and the arena boards ... during the game - Leo was able to stand, squat, and reposition himself as much as he wanted ... to me, something like that shows the kindness of God - arranging for the best spot possible.

we were given these cute pom poms and Juno Cup toques .... and i had a chance to win tickets for the awards on Sunday night ... alas, my name wasn’t drawn ... i felt a little stab of disappointment at first - but then my next thought was, that’s ok - the Lord gave me a sweet little present with the hockey tickets, i wasn’t going to grumble! and i felt at peace with it ... content in the moment and in what i did have!

it was fun watching the players warm up ... as they skated by their faces were easily recognizable ... and i must be a real Canadian girl at heart, because i recognized many of the NHL old timers, but only 2 of the "Juno Stars"!!! go figure, eh!

we cheered, did the wave, laughed .... AND ... after the game i got to go on the ice with the other winners and get autographs or pictures or just chat with the stars ... well, how cool was that?!!

initially i thought that it had been a long enough night for Leo and i didn’t want to make him wait for me ... but he insisted that he would be fine ... so off i trooped with the other winners (we got these impressive passes that we hung around our necks), through a bunch of security gates with burly guys guarding doors ... and onto the ice! so there is short (i’m 5’2") me, on the ice with these guys who look larger than life (the skates must add 5 inches more to their stature!) ... feeling kind of dwarfed by it all!! Leo was waving at me from the stands ... *smile* ...

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Ron MacLean and me - on the ice!

i didn’t ask for autographs (tho’ they gave me a sharpie pen and another program) but i did snap some pictures and it was fun to just be out there ... i wonder if all celebs are as polite as our Canadian ones? i mean, i would ask "may i take your picture?" ... they would respond, "my pleasure" ... we’d smile, nod ... and i’d repeat the process ... or they would stop, pose and be so sweet about it all ... i took pictures of "celebs", who’s identity i hadn’t a clue of! ... i didn’t want to make them feel bad and left out!!! ??

it was a low key, wonderful evening ... i’m glad Leo came along, i’m glad i was able to leave his health in God’s hands ... i’m just thankful this morning ... thankful and a bit tired!

and if anyone wants to see any more pictures ... well click this link! oh, NHL Stars won ... surprised?

as i end, i’m humming Johnny Appleseeds song " The Lord is good to me, and so i thank the Lord ..... hum hum hum ".

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