Wednesday, June 15, 2005

afternoon blessings

"they toil not nor spin" Posted by Hello

today has been a better day ... yesterday's rains are behind me ... and it has been beautifully sunny ... soggy, but there is hopes of drying up here in Manitoba!

as i was puttering around outside, i noticed this lovely wild orchid (i think it is from the orchid family, correct me if i'm wrong) ... they come up every year in the channel running behind our house ... all by itself, wild and beautiful ... God dresses up His creations in such finery ... no one to see ... until i came along and snapped a photo ...
AND i think i will have to get reading glasses ... i have glasses for driving but i find them such a nuisance ... but if they keep those pesky headaches at bay ... well Praise the Lord for glasses then! :o)
i'm off to do some more puttering ... just wanted to share the lovely wildflower ...

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