Thursday, June 16, 2005

Here comes the sun ...

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the sun is out for a second day in a row ... wa hoo!!! we really are called "sunny Manitoba" for a reason ... though this June we all thought of changing that tag!

with the sun, comes an attempt to mow the foot high lawn ... but what is life, if not a challenge ... *grin* ...

Charles Swindoll's note for this day is: Jesus promised people "rest" if they would come to Him, not an endless list of unrealistic, high powered expectations. He even said His yoke wold be "easy"and His burden "light." He was something else. He stilll is!

this is my last day off before i head back to the salt mines in the park tomorrow ... i will try to balance it just right ... to enjoy, to work, to have realistic expectations ... how 'bout you?

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