Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Five things I miss from Childhood

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Five Things I Miss From Childhood

i was tagged by Gayla from Heart Journey, and Peg from blessed beyond belief, for a walk down memory lane ...

Five things i miss from childhood (in no particular order):

1. the excitement of summer vacation ... the thought of endless summer days, stretching on f-o-r-e-v-e-r and the hope of at least one day spent at the beach ...

2. the "firsts" seemed to be more thrilling as a child ... riding a bike for the first time ... the first sleep over at a friend's ... the first $$ earned ... the first time i dove into the deep end at the pool ...

3. i miss going to the movies with my dad and brother ... or having coffee with the family in the evenings and chatting about everyday stuff ...

4. i miss going to school ... the learning, the friends, the dread of a "mean" teacher - only to find out the teacher was GREAT (i've only had one "real mean" teacher in all of my childhood - the rest i loved!) ..

5. i miss the innocent laughter ...

i do NOT miss: having no control over where i lived, who lived with us, what i did with my free time ... having to eat things i didn't like ... not being able to read when i wanted too ...

i like being an adult way more ... :o) ... i actually had my "childhood", in the first years of my marriage ... one thing about being an adult, childhood memories are now looked at through rosy tinted glasses (with the senior moments of forgetfulness, this is happening more often!), i try to pick out the memories that bring a smile ... and i found that there were more than enough ....

Here's the tag part:

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Now, select four unsuspecting souls and add them to the list:
Knitter Kat
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i think the above blog buds will have different experiences to share ...

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