Wednesday, June 29, 2005

wondering out loud

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We wait for the Lord, our Beloved,
Our Comforter, Master and Friend
The Substance of all that we hope for,
Beginning of faith and its end;
We watch for our Savior and Bridegroom,
Who loved us and made us His own;
For Him we are looking and longing:
For Jesus, and Jesus alone.
- Annie Johnson Flint

every generation wonders if Jesus is coming during their lifetime ... i don't know how you feel about that thought ... i long for it ... for Jesus ... my Redeemer ....

i scanned the above picture from the July Decision magazine ...

it just got me to thinking, to hoping ... maybe it should scare me to think that one day i will face God ... but because i've placed my faith in Jesus - who has forgiven me my sins - i look forward to seeing Him ... being in His presence ... away from earthly cares and fears ...

i sometimes whisper to Him ... even so, come Lord Jesus, come ...

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