Tuesday, June 07, 2005

ceiling fans and angels

lilacs love rain Posted by Hello

this week will be rainy, or so the weather folks say ... hmmm ... the ducks and lilacs love it! can't say much for the rest of us!

today we continued our ceiling fan project ... with leo's health and me just being me - well the projects can be challenging! i prayed that the Lord would send us an angel to help out ...

picture this ... i'm standing on the dining room table, holding a large ceiling fan above my head ... Leo is hurrying to connect things so my arms won't fall off ... then there's a knock at the door ... Leo groans, goes to the door to send whoever is there, away ... well it turns out to be a work bud of mine, who i greet with a "come up here and hold this, wouldcha?" .... *smile* ... so Leo and J were able to get the fan done much more quickly than just Leo and me ... i held the flashlight while the guys worked on the ceiling fan (we had to turn the power off and the rain makes it so dark!) ... my bud J kind of looked at me funny when i told him i had prayed for an angel to come help out and the Lord sent him!

we are still struggling with the ceiling fan in the bedroom ... parts breaking, screws bending and poor instructions ... i guess i'll have to ask for different type of help for tomorrow ... mostly wisdom!

hope there is sunshine in your corner of the world ... despite the rain, there is always SONshine in mine ...

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