Monday, May 09, 2005

VTech phones

the World Hockey Championship is being played in Austria ... leo has been watching it religiously (he has missed his hockey, because of the NHL strike that cancelled a whole year out) ... and as well as watching, we have also entered this VTECH contest online (Canadian residents only) ... every time Canada scores a goal, they draw names for VTECH phones ...

remember the
JUNO 2005 hockey tickets i won?

wellllllllll ... drum roll ... i won this set of phones!!!

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it happened during the Saturday game between Canada and Sweden ... Canada had scored their second goal and Leo hollered at me to come see it (we holler back and forth at each other since we are generally in different areas of the house... sometimes at the end of the day - if we’ve been extra chatty - my throat can get sore!) ... i walked into the bedroom munching on my apple, hitched myself up on the foot board and watched the replay ... all of a sudden, i see my name on the TV screen as the winner of the VTECH i5850 phones!!! leo had his eyes closed (he rests his eyes a lot) and didn’t see it, so when i shouted "there's my name! i won!" ... he said "ya right!" ...

the games are telecast on TSN (same as ESPN) across Canada, so i got a few phone calls from surprised friends, congratulating me ...

the sweet little thing about the phones are, they have an intercom system so that Leo and i don’t have to holler back and forth anymore - we can now use modern technology for our chitchats!

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