Friday, June 24, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

60 years of living and loving, together Posted by Hello

here is the wonderful reason for my busy time ... my god-parents, who are also my aunt and uncle, celebrate 60 years of marriage TODAY!!! WOW, eh?

we have been blessed to live near them, here in cottage country, for the last 13 years ... they are truly an inspiration to know ... they love the Lord, their family and portray all the qualities that i strive for in my life ... you don't know how many times i thank the Lord for them, i am SO fortunate to know these wonderful people ... i get teary thinking about it!

so, now i'm off to have coffee with them ... and tomorrow is the big family celebration ... the reason for all the company from all corners of Canada and Finland ...

speaking of company ... i must dash ... just had to post the wedding picture that started their 60 years rolling!

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