Thursday, January 20, 2005


January 20, 2005 Posted by Hello

i had a little bit of heart failure here!!! i thought i had deleted ALL the comments from you, my blogging buddies ... but after a little further inspection, it was just the comments on the page showing, that were transformed into the new commenting format! whew!

i thought i would change to Haloscan for commenting ... i liked the way it works on blogs that i have visited ... but i naively (i should do a post about my naivete sometime!) thought that it would start on the first post that i installed it on ... duh, not! i'm so glad that all the comments weren't lost!

the photos i posted were taken today at the back of our property .... notice how deep the snow is ... it was another day of shovelling, sweeping and carrying wood ... but i whistled while i worked ... it was good to get outside, since the air is nice and brisk today!

i hope this Haloscan is a fun commenting program ... check it out ... :o)

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