Thursday, January 13, 2005

Keeping warm

keeping warm Posted by Hello

here is a creative "stay warm" idea!! maybe you've seen this pic before? i just love it ... makes me smile . . .

i may have to venture out on our snow covered, windblown, highways tomorrow ... car maintenance time . . . the weather isn't the best to be doing a 200 km return trip in . . . i'll check the websites re roads and then decide . . . my big adventure? ? ?

did you know that digital cameras really hate -30C temps? they do!! they only cooperate while the batteries stay warm and after that they make a very high pitched shreaking noise . . . kind of like the rest of us!!

sorry about all the weather talk, it's part of being a Canadian, eh!


letti said...

that is such a cute picture..i'm from malaysia and this winter and in texas of all places, i experienced snow for the very first time. although it was only snowing for 2 days, i was like a little child, running around making snow angels and sticking my tongue out to catch snowflakes :)

p/s:and i've come to love our space heater..*laugh*

Saija said...

hi Letti ... i'm glad you got to experience snow - it can be a lot of fun ... it can also be brutally cold sometimes ... brrrrrr . . . we have a woodstove that keeps our place cozy warm ... hope you are enjoying Texas, that is a beautiful state! blessings, saija

Michael said...

Cool picture.

I was thinking about you yesterday when I read a story about an Alaskan village that was without power and were weathering -60F temperatures.

I was thankful you had a wood stove in case you ever were in the same predicament.

Careful on the roads if you decide to go.

Take Care

J. said...

Oh, I don't mind the weather talk. It's kind of cool. Heh. I said cool.

Saija said...

Michael . . . awww, i appreciate your concern, as my blog today shows - it was an excellent trip for me ... and i gained some of my winter driving confidence back ... i couldn't believe how the Lord just opened my eyes to His creation all around and helped me not to fret about the road conditions - i was cautious in my driving yet, relaxed ... which is probably the key to safe winter driving ... tomorrow i need to bundle up to get some more wood ... it is chilly out there!!!! nice in the house, mind you!! hope you have a terrific weekend!!!

Jeanette . . . ya COOL . . . chuckle! did you know that if you throw a cup of boiling water into the air, right now - it will crystalize!! no kidding, we have a picture with Leo doing just that! now that is a wee bit chilly, eh!! hope you have a dry weekend, with lots of sunshine - remember me as you are seeing green grass and smelling flowers . . . boo hoo!!