Thursday, February 24, 2005

a day in the city

snowy, blowy day Posted by Hello
my aunt and i headed out to the City today ...

the weather forecast was for a few flurries later in the day ... so the 3 hour return trip should have been pleasant ...

guess what?

they got the weather report WRONG!

the city was fine, only a few snowflakes ... but when i called Leo around 3, he said it had been snowing all day at home ... soooooo i was sort of prepared for the road conditions ...

we were about 10 minutes outside the city when conditions changed ... can anyone say WHITE-OUT ... BLOWING SNOW ... REDUCED VISIBILITY? during one stretch of the drive, i was just "kind of sure" that i was on the road, since everything was white - the sky and the road!

now here is the absolute weird part ... i wasn't nervous ... honest - i wasn't! i knew Leo was praying for us and i knew that God was in control ...

my BIGGEST problem when i drive in the winter is nerves (7 accidents in the snow will do that to a person!) ... i get so nervous - which in turn makes me a poor driver ... today, i felt in control and just kept my speeds down (10 clicks below the posted speed) ... and we managed to have a nice drive home ... well sort of nice - i would prefer not to drive in the snow!!!

just sharing my trauma, which wasn't so much a trauma today ... if that makes any sense??? i should head to bed soon, i think i may be tired! but wanted to SHARE this experience ... i am so amazed that i remained calm ... barely any white knuckles at all!

p.s. do you think it was the Lord working on an old fear of mine?
p.p.s. i DO know it was HIM ... :o)

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