Sunday, February 06, 2005

In every pew sits a Broken Heart

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how did you spend your superbowl Sunday?

Leo watched the game and i read
"In every Pew Sits a Broken Heart" by Ruth Graham (daughter of Billy Graham) ...

this book actually made my heart hurt ... it was just so authentic and honest ...

Ruth was the middle child in the Graham household, and never caused grief during her growing up years ... unfortunately, in later years she made some poor decisions that did cause hurt to her and her family ... she writes "If I had my way, life would have been easy and I would have needed God for little, if anything. Consequently, I would have missed opportunities to know Him better."

the book is written in a unique style ... she tells a story about an event in her life, then she has a little devotional to show what the Lord taught her concerning the matter ... so it isn’t just a "read" but a study at the same time ...

she’s experienced divorce and problems with her children, therefore speaks from an "i’ve been there" perspective ... i didn’t find it a "happy read", but it definitely spoke to my heart and i hope to take some of her hard earned lessons with me.

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