Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Still I will Trust

Still I Will Trust
Isaiah 41:10

Still I will trust, though all my hopes lie shattered
In broken fragments at my feet:
Though all my plans, like driven leaves, are scattered
By winds of darkness and defeat.
For in my need I hear my Saviour saying,
In answer to my pleading and my praying,
“I am thy God, be not afraid:
I will be near, be not dismayed!”

Yea, in the deepest shadows of death’s valley,
Where sorrows circle me around:
When all the powers of darkness seem to rally,
And scarce a ray of light is found;
Then will I trust in Christ with great rejoicing,
In Him who once again His love is voicing -
"I am thy God, be not afraid;
I will be near, be not dismayed!”

So will I walk with Christ, in faith believing,
With childlike trust, whate’er betide:
And from His hand His strength and love receiving.
As in His presence I abide.
Thus shall I journey on to His glad morrow,
Where I shall hear him say, “Lay down thy sorrow,
Come dwell with Me in realms above,
Where all is light, and life, and love.”
- Albert Simpson Reitz

I found comfort in this poem in the days when Leo didn't yet know the Lord, and I prayed earnestly for his salvation; in the dark days of his surgeries and disappointments, because there was no cure for the chronic pain and God said "no" to healing; in the darker days of a marriage in trouble ... the Lord has never once let go of my hand and has always given me a song in the night ... He will do the same for you ...

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