Friday, February 11, 2005

my work buds

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i had lunch with my work buds today ... and you know what? i really love these ladies! over the years, they have become wonderful friends ... we've worked together for a decade of Spring and Summers ... we've helped each other through family illness, deaths and many women's issues ... i trust them, they trust me ... sometimes as we sit and have coffee, we talk about how easy men are to work with - usually much easier than women ... then we look at each other ... and smile ... these ladies are not catty (in fact they are Lutheran ... :o) ... ), they are kind, generous and i am just SO blessed to be in their midst ... next year will bring about change, one will be retiring ... that makes me happy for her and sad for me ... but life is about change ... as long as we can appreciate what we have been given ... God has blessed me above measure with wonderful work buds and i'm bubbling over and needed to share!

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Penless Thoughts said...

It is important because during those work years (of which I had many) we spend more hours with co-workers than our families!! This was a sweet tribute to them.