Monday, February 28, 2005


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this morning as i prepared my heart for the day and the week ahead, i thought of Leo’s chronic, 24/7 pain ... his struggles ... and, i felt inadequate in my role as wife and sometimes caregiver to my husband of over 30 years ... but as is the case with our Heavenly Father, He directed me to read this encouraging note from Lloyd John Ogilvie’s little booklet The Beauty of Caring ... so i’m sharing ... blessings on your Monday!

"Should we feel at times disheartened and discouraged, a simple movement of heart toward God will renew our powers. Whatever He may demand of us, He will give us at the moment the strength and courage that we need."
Francois de Salignac de la Motthe Fenelon

A caring person discovers the joy of being a channel of the Holy Spirit. Inflow and outflow are perfectly matched. We are called to care and are given grace. The decision to care opens the floodgate.

When we surrender our lives to be agents of the Lord’s caring in situations and for people, we admit that we do not belong to ourselves. We belong to our Lord and to people who need His love; and with His perfect timing and unlimited resources, He gives us His own Spirit to match the needs. We will be given love, wisdom and the freedom to give ourselves away. The Lord always provides for what He guides!

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