Thursday, December 02, 2004

balmy Canadian weather

-33C temp Posted by Hello

i think a person needs 3 blogs . . . one to keep anonymously, where the nitty gritty thoughts could be spoken without fear of offending friends and family . . . one for a soapbox, to air the issues near and dear to your heart . . . and if you live in Canada - another one strictly for weather!!!

the above picture was taken 20 minutes ago out of my front window!!!! YIKES . . . that is COLD for this time of year . . . and i now know that i am truly getting old and senile because when i looked out the window, i laughed! and the weather forecast for tomorrow is a possibility of RAIN . . . yup . . . you have to be tough or nuts to live in the Canadian heartland . . . i haven’t figured out what category i’m in yet!!!

my blogging voice is still evolving and who knows - it may just evolve into the "weather girl" of the prairies!!!! now for a Canadian, that would be mighty interesting reading - but for the rest of the world, i guess a raised eyebrow would cover it!!!!

just sharing y’all . . .


Michael said...

74 degrees difference in temperature between where you are and where I am.


Take Care

Saija said...

74 degrees, eh . . . hmmmmm . . .
sometimes we can get that kind or range in a 24 hour period . . . :o) . . . a shock to the body! tomorrow they are forecasting rain . . . gotta love it!!!

you know, Michael, i've been trying to make the blog listing smaller, with no space between and no line either . . . no luck, it gets BIGGER instead - so the formula you gave me - well i'm doing something wrong! . . . i will add yours to it, but i haven't gone in there "to play with it" again . . . this is all new stuff, playing with templates - but i am enjoying it - eventually it'll be where i want it - december may not be the month 'cause it does tend to get hectic, even here in my world . . . again, i appreciated your advice . . . gotta go throw another log on the fire . . . saija

J. said...

HEY! I do keep three blogs. How funny are you? One for spiritual, one for daily nitty-gritty and one for quiz results. LOL.


Saija said...

you're fast Jeanette, i was just over visiting your blog casa . . . :o) . . .

i read your blog to my husband - who laughed too . . . so you gave both of us a chuckle . . . thanx!

Michael said...

Here's a link to some basic tag coding

HTML CodingTo get smaller you use H4 or H5 tags.
Breaks are BR.
Just remember that each tag has a start code and a finish code.

I'm still learning too.

Take Care

Ann said...

Hi There Saija! I may be a bit odd myself, but I am strangely fascinated with the weather of other locales. It helps me to set the stage for what interesting curve balls people living there might deal with or their pace of life. Tell me please, what does the wind feel like on a day like this where you live? Is it the prairie? Are there lots of trees? Hills?

Saija said...

thanx for the site . . . i was looking through blogger help yesterday, getting excited as the light bulb went off in my head about certain things, now it's just the font size and the underlining . . . :o) . . . i think my brain consists mostly of oatmeal, and some days that oatmeal seems to "get it". . . :o)

Ann: thanx for stopping by "weather as i see" blog ... !!! just kidding!! . . . we live in a cottage by a large water system, with trees around us . . . when the wind is blowing at -33C, exposed skin can freeze in seconds ... fortunately for us, there was no wind yesterday, as we got a wood delivery and had to go help unload it . . . brrrrrrr . . . i had on a snowsuit, touque (canadian for woolen hat) and actually felt pretty good . . . this morning it is -12C, and should go to a plus temp ... i'm just making a fire and checking mail . . . i'll pop by to visit you too shortly . . . blessings, saija

J. said...

We were reading each other's blogs at the same time, is what happened. :)

Here's another HTML tip ... if you want to open someone else's website in a new window (helpful if you want them to come back to your site), in the link line which is enclosed in <>, it would normally look like this:

a href=""

Add the following (all inside the <>):

a href="" target="_blank"

As Michael said, there's always a closing for the HTML tag, too.

Saija said...

cool . . . thanx Jeanette . . . looks like this will turn into a brain exercise for me . . .

tho' one thing that no one can help me with is the SLOW internet connection . . . it's not available here at the moment (ya, i'm that much in the sticks!) . . . sigh . . . that would make all of this much much easier!!!