Thursday, December 09, 2004

A Voice in the Wind Posted by Hello

This is the first book in the "Mark of the Lion Series" . . . Francine Rivers does Christian fiction like no other . . . she weaves a story so effortlessly, that i could hardly put the book down (good thing Leo likes cereal!) . . . during the time frame when i read these books, Russell Crowe's Gladiator movie came out, and it helped me visualize the cruelty of the whole "Chrisitans being fed to the lions" period in history . . . i found the first 2 in the series most encouraging, and the first 2 don't need the 3rd to complete the story . . . but anything by Francine Rivers is a good read.

and to end my helpful holiday hints . . . there is always Decision Magazine . . . i started receiving Decision Magazine when i was 12 . . . and it has enriched my life . . . there are no coupons, or recipes, no hints on how to make your home more beautiful . . . just stories about people - every day folks like you and me - and their walk with the Lord . . . it also has bible studies by the "great teachers" of our time or from a time past . . . i highly recommend it . . .

well now my work is done, i can go to sleep knowing that i may have helped someone with some last minute gift ideas . . . :o)

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