Friday, December 03, 2004

Why it's blogging fun!

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i’ve already confessed to my secret desire of becoming a computer geek and best friends with bill gates . . . well, if that doesn’t happen in the near future, the next best thing is meeting new buds through the blogging community . . . i have been having a good time "visiting" sites and hopefully "entertaining" those who visit me . . . it is a neat cyber type of world that i could spend hours in, but my eyes get tired of the blinking screen - so i have to go chase dust bunnies or something when that happens!!!

my husband loves his sports, so when i’m on the computer we holler back and forth at each other about what we find interesting . . . L will say, "they just missed the field goal, it’s changing the dynamics of the game!", and i’ll answer back with "really . . . well listen to this blog, isn’t it a hoot!" . . . :o) . . . what a meeting of great minds, eh!

another day into the Christmas Season . . . on wednesday i mailed my overseas cards . . . today is the day for the U.S. cards . . . so i best "get tuit". . . tho’ i hate to let my computer lay here idle . . . i will hurry back to check on the lives of my new buds, and click on their fav sites to blogs they read, and so on, and so on . . . maybe i’ll be visiting you soon . . . toodles for now!


J. said...

Fa la la la laaaaa ... Merry Christmas Card Mailing! :)

So cute, you and your hubby.

Your secret desire is no longer secret.

Saija said...

why is my secret out?
are you going to tell someone????